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Starting a new home search in Northern Virginia? Looking for a new home in Northern Virginia can be exciting, exhilarating, and…exhausting! Our housing market has a wide diversity of home styles, prices and communities. This means that you will most likely find the Northern Virginia home you are looking for. How exciting!

At, we have found that there are often multiple homes and communities in Northern Virginia that match a homebuyer’s search. In fact, an initial search can yield over 100 matches. How exhausting!

Sweethomeva is highly skilled at helping homebuyers refine their Northern Virginia home search to save time and money.  Contact us so we can start looking for your new Northern Virginia home today.

With so many diverse locations and home styles that may fit your needs, how do you choose your next Northern Virginia home? Just as “no two snowflakes are alike,” no two Northern Virginia home searches are alike, but they should start out the same:

Decide on the factor that is most important to your quality of life. This is the underlying attribute that will impact all other considerations and decisions during your home search. In most cases, this should not change during your search.

For many homebuyers in Northern Virginia, the two major factors that impact a new home search are 1) time of commute and 2) budget. While living close to the workplace (or transportation to the workplace) and a maximum mortgage payment may be common, there are, however, all kinds of key determiners that we see at, for example:

  • Families that have a child that actively participates in a sport/activity and it is important to live near a particular club or facility
  • Avid cyclists who plan to ride their bike to work and need to live near safe roads and paths
  • Caretakers moving to Northern Virginia with an aging parent and want to find a location with a downstairs bedroom or that is near an assisted living facility
  • Future homeowners who do not want to the maintenance of a yard and will only consider living in a condominium or townhouse

Need help refining your Northern Virginia home search?  Already have an idea of where you want to live? Whether you are at the very beginning of your effort, or know exactly what you want, would love to work with you to find your new Northern Virginia home.

Contact today!

Deliea Roebuck
Deliea Roebuck
SweethomeVA Real Estate owner. Realtor committed to excellence in customer service. Generated over $15 million dollars in sales in 2012.

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