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Market Activity | Year-Over-Year Change

View the chart below for a comparative review of the closed sales and active listings across Northern Virginia. The chart indicates a positive or negative gain (by month) for each metric.

Pricing Trends | Year-Over-Year Change

View the chart below to see how the average sales price and average list price for a given month/year stacks up against the same metrics from the previous year.

Video Market Overview

Check out the video below for an overview of the Northern Virginia real estate market. It is provided by MRIS, the multiple listings service, and it automatically updates when they post a new video.

Northern VA real estate market statistics are a great place to start in your search for information on our area’s housing market, but stats just scratch the surface. Please take advantage of Northern Virginia Market Insight Reports to dive deeper into the details. These reports put monthly statistics into perspective and point out market trends. These are great tools to help you make an informed home buying or home selling decision.

Gain Northern VA Real Estate Market Knowledge With Reports From

The table below shows the market reports that Deliea provides. Select the one (s) you need to help you research the Northern VA real estate market.

Real Estate Data Report Type (Click Report Type To Learn More)
Statistics Market Stats Report
Trends & Analysis Market Insight Reports
5-Year Perspective Market Gauge Report
Zip Code Reports Real Estate Report by Zip Code

Further deepen your Northern VA real estate market analysis with Market Gauges to look at local market trends as they compare to their 5-year average, 5-year maximum and minimum for that month. If you’d like to further refine your data to a particular zip code, please sign up to receive a zip code report. Click here to sign up for zip code reports, market data or market news delivered to your inbox Deliea is proud to offer you a comprehensive view of the local real estate market and can share even more in person. Contact Deliea today to talk about your next home buy or home sale. Remember you can get monthly market stats sent directly to your inbox. Just sign up in the box on the right or Click Here.

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