Homes for Sale in Brentsville District High School Boundaries

Students in Bristow, Manassas and Nokesville attend Brentsville District High School, Prince William County Schools' (PWCS) oldest high school. Located in Nokesville, the heart of the County's Rural Crescent, BDHS sits amidst farmland and homes on large lots. Scroll down to see homes for sale in Brentsville District High School Boundaries.

Homes For Sale Near Colgan High School in Manassas Va - Boundary of Prince William County's New High SchoolBrentsville District High School
12109 Aden Rd
Nokesville, VA 20181
Phone: (703) 594-2161
BDHS Website
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Showcase of homes for sale in Brentsville District High School in Manassas VA (least to most expensive)

1 always strives for accuracy. We cannot, however, guarantee that the houses you see are in the bounds of Brentsville District High School until it is confirmed with Deliea Roebuck.